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Beauty spot to benefit from better disability access.

A local beauty spot near Forres overlooking the Moray Firth to provide a proper access to the Califer Hill viewpoint for wheelchair users and the less able bodied.

Kenny's a champion for the disabled.

A Forres man who has been campaigning for the provision of better disabled access for people around the local area has been backed by local organisations who have taken some of his projects forward.

Training row does no favours for disabled

This piece of equipment costs around £650 to buy and requires specially trained operators before it can be used. Four of Mr Shand's colleagues on the Neighbourhood Forum have been trained on the EVAC chair, but to date, none of the community centre staff have done so.

Navigating Inverness's most disability-unfriendly streets

Kenny Shand, a disability activist and volunteer at Cheshire House, which provides supported independent living and a day centre facility for people with a disability, said it was a major issue not just in Inverness.


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