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Leonard Cheshire Disability operates through 10 geographic regions, seven in England and one each for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with International partners in 52 countries. It is the largest voluntary sector provider of care and support services for disabled people.

They offer a wide range of services incorporating care homes, supported living, domiciliary support, day services, resource centres, rehabilitation, respite care, personal support and training and assistance for those looking for work.

Leonard Cheshire Disability are campaigning for changes and for the rights of disabled people, below is the latest issues or to find out
further details about Leonard Cheshire Disability : Click here.

Social Care Matters - click here

Social care is a vital public service providing care and support to disabled people to live the lives they want to lead.
At the moment many thousands of disabled people who need social care support do not receive it.
Those who can afford to must pay for their own and those who can’t afford to must make do without.
We want to make sure that no one misses out on the social care they need because they cannot afford to pay for it.

Action for Access - your views needed

Leonard Cheshire Disability is setting up a new campaign called Action for Access, giving disabled people the tools to survey their local environments, and demand a more accessible UK.

As part of the research for their campaign, They are asking disabled people to tell them their top three tips for access that businesses and service providers can follow to make their service more accessible.

Please email your top three tips for access to campaigning@LCDisability.org

Creature Discomforts helps people see disability

Creature Discomforts is a new website that is designed for Leonard Cheshire Disability to promote disability awareness.
It’s a series of animations with real disabled people sharing their experiences through a series of lovely characters, to find out more about the campaign: Click here or try your skills out with the new games "enjoy" Click here

Accessing air travel

Have you recently had a good or bad experience travelling from a UK airport that you would mind sharing with us?  If so then Leonard Cheshire Disability would like to hear about it.  You can help by filling out their survey, ‘How accessible is your local airport?’  To fill out the short survey or find out more about the campaign:Click here

If you would like hard copies of the social care letter or airport survey please contact Katie Turner, National Campaigns Officer at katie.turner@lcdisability.org or on 020 3242 0379.

Leonard Cheshire Disability Campaigns  contact number for the policy and campaigns team is: 020 3242 0374


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