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Disability Internet website www.disabilityhelp-scotland.co.uk has been created to provide a one-stop source of information about Disability services, news and facilities.

We invite organisations to contact us to add their details about the services they provide. To improve the quality of information for people who require learning disability help.  

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The Local Community Learning Disability Service provides support services for adults (usually from 18 years onwards) with learning disabilities. 

This is a joint Council and NHS service and provides a range of specialist social care and health services for people with a learning disability. 

The service is made up of healthcare professionals and care providers to assess, monitor and review service users, this may vary within each region.

Community Learning Disability Team, offers access into the specialist Learning Disability Services for adults and will establish links with general services (e.g. GPs, Housing, Acute Hospitals, Education and Community Services) to ensure that adults with a learning disability can access the most appropriate services to meet their assessed needs. For a list of the general tasks, or functions, and responsibilities of their position, Click Here.

They provide both an assessment and care management service for adults with a learning disability to enable individuals to achieve an "ordinary" lifestyle, which offers the same opportunities enjoyed by everyone. This means providing support to help people to take part in the life of their local community, develop skills, exercise choices and take control of their own lives, be seen and valued as individuals and develop a network of relationships for individuals who have complex heath care needs.

The first point of contact when assistance is needed over and above that given by family and friends is usually a social worker or community nurse based in the learning disability team in the local Social Care Services area office, they check your circumstances against the Council's eligibility criteria.

There is a charge made for Home Care, Community support and Residential services. You will be informed of the charging policy that applies to you, once your assessment has been completed and your needs have been determined.

Local Councils are committed to providing the best quality service and have mechanisms that encourages employees / individuals to raise matters of concern. Local Councils are responsible for reporting on services for learning disabilities within their area to national bodies, such as the Scottish Executive, Mental Welfare Commission, NHS Quality Improvement Scotland, who inspect and scrutinise the service. They undertake statutory responsibilities such as those described in the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003, the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 and the forthcoming Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Bill.

For further details use contact links for your area.

If you have any comments / complaint regarding failure to provide the standard or quality of service promised by the council, or you are not satisfied with the council's internal investigation or response to your complaint, you can refer the matter to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman for attention where appropriate.

The Ombudsman offers an independent national service and while complaints can be made to the Ombudsman at any time, an investigation will usually only be made if the complaint has been investigated by the council.

Complaints should be made to:

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

Tel: 0800 377 7330
Email: ask@spso.org.uk

or write to

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman
Edinburgh EH3 OBR.

or contact;

Scottish Commission for the regulation of Care

Tel: 0845 603 0890

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