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Community Care Officer/ Local Area Coordinators

  • Carry out single shared assessments.
  • Assess individual needs and plan the support they need to live safely.
  • Help people access local voluntary services.
  • Provide a duty social worker for people without a social worker.

Community Learning Disability Nurse

  • Provides assessment of daily living skills,
  • Advice, supported access to medical advice and care
  • Assess, identify needs and plan care for those with complex health needs
  • Educating and promoting individual's in a healthy lifestyles.


  • Carry out intellectual assessment.
  • Provide staff training for carers.
  • Support other health care professionals
  • Work individually with clients on issues such as sexuality and challenging behaviour.

Speech and Language Therapist

  • Support families and staff members to communicate with issues.
  • Assess issues with eating and drinking.


  • Provides a consultation-based service for service users and supports colleagues.
  • Participating in the work of a range of multidisciplinary teams.
  • Incorporating medical issues/challenging behavour and medication reviews.


  • Provides dietary assessment.
  • Staff training and support for special dietary needs.


  • Involved in the assessment of service users.
  • Assessment of functional ability of everyday tasks.
  • Advice and guidance regarding environmental issues.
  • Provide treatment programs to cover all aspects of physical mobility. 
  • Occupational Therapy.
  • Provision of specialist equipment where required.

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