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All software is from companies who are showing their commitment in helping to improve the lives of disabled people by designing and supplying all free software found below. Some links will start downloads automatically others you will take you to the web page to download. If you feel you can help with new software. Click here to E-mail me


BrowseAloud reads web pages aloud for people who find it difficult to read online. Reading large amounts of text on screen can be difficult for those with literacy and disability problems but browsealoud helps

Camera Mouse
Camera Mouse is a free program that enables you to control the mouse pointer on
your computer screen just by moving your head.

A free on-screen virtual keyboard for anyone with a disability who can’t type on a physical computer keyboard, but can use a pointing device like a mouse.

Dwell Clicker

This is ideal for those who can operate the mouse pointer, but not the buttons. For example, users of a head mouse can use this software to control mouse operated Windows programs.

An easy software solution to enable you to control your computer, dictate emails and letters, and have the computer read documents back to you.

If you’re frustrated at Internet Explorer not allowing you to view webpages at the size you want then you’ll appreciate the EasyRead Toolbar Buttons. The EasyRead toolbar buttons allow you to magnify any HTML page as you browse the web.

Joystick to Mouse
Joystick 2 Mouse 3 let’s you control the mouse and keyboard using your joystick or gamepad. This program allows you to map your joystick’s buttons, axes, and POV and assign each button an action. This program also lets you control each of the axes’ sensitivity, and threshold.

Magnifying Glass
The program shows a magnifying glass lens that follows the mouse movement. You can move the lens around the screen to view magnification of any screen area. To close the lens, click the left mouse button. Left-click on the icon gives a shortcut for launching the lens again.

Midas Touch 2
Midas Touch 2009 is a free onscreen keyboard program for Windows that is designed to be used with Camera Mouse or any other head-controlled access technology.Midas Touch is an easy-to-use program with one button for typing each letter, two buttons to type a space, one button to Delete the previous character, two buttons to speak the current message, and four buttons (in green) that can provide a resting place for the mouse pointer while you are moving your head using Camera Mouse.

Screen Tinter Lite
Screen Tinter Lite is very easy to use. Simply select the foreground and background colours from the recommended palette or make up your own colour using red, green and blue (RGB) values. A reset button allows windows to immediately revert to its default black-on-white settings.

Staggered Speech 2009
Is a free onscreen keyboard program for Windows that is designed to be used with Camera Mouse or EagleEyes or any other head-controlled or eye-controlled access technology. Staggered Speech features large buttons with plenty of space between them. Staggered Speech is a two-level keyboard program that is based on the spelling system developed by Rick Hoyt and his brother. First one chooses the group that contains the desired letter and then one chooses the particular letter in that group. Groups begin at the vowels.

Webbie is a web browser for blind and visually impaired people, especially those using screen readers, used since 2001 all over the world. It comes with the Accessible programs, letting you access news and audio on the Internet in a simple and accessible way, allowing you to use podcasts, listen to the radio and read RSS and news with your screen reader or other access solution

WordTalk reads aloud on-screen text in Microsoft Word to help those with reading difficulties.

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