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Mobilise for DLA

In the October Spending Review the Government announced that they are going to stop paying Disability Living Allowance (DLA) mobility component to disabled people living in residential care.

DLA mobility component is designed to help meet the extra costs many disabled people face in doing everyday things, such as going to the shops, visiting family and socialising with friends. It pays for things like a powered wheelchair, accessible taxis or a Motability car and supports people who live in residential care to do many of the things that others take for granted.

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Inclusion Scotland

is a consortium of organisations of disabled people and disabled individuals. Through a process of structured development we aim to draw attention
to the physical, social, economic, cultural and attitudinal barriers that affect our everyday lives as disabled people in Scotland.

Scottish Disability Equality Forum

Working for social inclusion in Scotland through the removal of barriers and the promotion of equal access for people affected by disability.

Disabled Parking Bill

Legislation which will see people fined for wrongly parking in disabled bays has been passed by MSPs. The Disabled Persons' Parking Places Bill means anyone using designated spaces without a blue badge faces a fine of up to £60.


Hostility towards disabled people

Urgent action is needed if a "hidden catastrophe" of violence and hostility towards disabled people is to be tackled, says a damning report today from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.


Police and disabled people

If you get involved with the police - perhaps as a witness or victim of crime or you are detained, arrested and/or taken to a police station - you have the same rights as anyone else


Calling all shoppers

Have you ever faced obstacles when you try to do your shopping? Whether you’ve had problems navigating a retailer’s website, with the attitude of supermarket staff or in the shopping aisles themselves, we would like to hear from you, as Disability Now is researching the shopping experience of disabled customers. If you would like your views to be included, please email cathy.reay@disabilitynow.org.uk with your name, contact number (if you have one) and a brief description of your experience.

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