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Step by Step Guide to Set Up Direct Payments  

This is intended to help you with a step-by-step guide so you can understand the process involved in setting up direct payments.  For more information on each step,

STEP 1:            Are you eligible for direct payments?

STEP 2:            How do direct payments work? Is it right for you?

STEP 3:            What are your responsibilities as an employer on direct payments?

  • Recruitment of a personal assistant (PA)
  • Provide PA with contract of employment & job description
  • Inform the Inland Revenue that you are employing someone
  • Operate PAYE (Pay as you Earn Scheme) for your employee to deduct tax & national insurance (NI) & pay the Inland Revenue employers’ NI
  • Arrange appropriate insurance cover – as a employer it is a legal requirement that you have Employers’ liability insurance

STEP 4:            Complete the task-based and personal self assessment forms as these will
...........................help you to get the right direct payments package suited to your needs.

STEP 5:            Arrange a Community Care Assessment with your Care Manager or Social Services

                        WHEN YOU ARE ACCEPTED…

STEP 6:            Getting support – make use of a local support service

STEP 7:            Set up a separate Bank Account for your direct payments

STEP 8:            Writing a job description and placing an advertisement

STEP 9:            Interviewing & choosing a PA

STEP 10:          Recruiting a PA – providing a contract and job description

STEP 11:          Getting insurance

STEP 12:          Taking care of your employee’s payroll

STEP 13:          Being aware of employment law and legislation

STEP 14:          Training your PA

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