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How do I enquire about direct payments?

If you are already using community care services, you should contact your Care Manager who can let you know more about the set-up process and assess your eligibility.

If you want more information about how direct payments can benefit you, you can contact your local support group. A list of support services for direct payments in your area can be found here.

If you are enquiring about direct payments for the first time and are not currently using community care services, you will need to contact Social Services and arrange for an assessment.

Contact information for your region can be found here

Your Care Manager from Social Services is obliged to offer you the option of direct payments in place of your current services. There are some limited circumstances where you are not given this choice and your council will be able to tell you about these.

Since April ‘03 direct payments must be offered by all social workers, to enable eligible service users to buy in their own care or support at home suited to their needs.




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