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UK disability and health web directory. Site includes advice, information, education, disabled goods, facilities and services with a comprehensive list of specific disabilities. Also includes access issues, news and the arts. Free submissions.

Action for the Blind

Action for Blind People is a national charity that provides practical support to blind and partially sighted people through work, housing, leisure and support.

Adapted Car Hire

Adapted Car Hire provides a broad range of specially adapted vehicles to cater for the needs of disabled drivers and passengers. Vehicles can be hired on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and we provide a door-to-door delivery and collection service. We have a variety of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Age UK

UK’s largest organisation working with and for the older person

Arthritis Care

There are nine million people with arthritis in the UK. That’s nine million individuals, plus their families, each affected in a unique way. Arthritis Care aims to make a positive difference to your life.
Tel: 08088004050
Interesting in volunteering Tel: 01419547776  


Good information for Asthma sufferers of all ages


Advocates support clients to put their own views across , to enable the clients to achieve a greater level of personal  and control independence over their own lives  Helping people with Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Physical and Sensory Impairments, Elderly and Frail.

Advocacy Highland (web link)                     email : Highland Branch

Advocacy North East (Moray)                     email : Moray Branch

Allied Mobility - Accessible Vehicle Rentals

Allied Mobility is proud to introduce Open Road - the new vehicle rental service for wheelchair accessible
cars, MPV's and minibuses.

Open Road is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the freedom that getting out and about in
an accessible vehicle offers. Whether you are a wheelchair user, a carer or a carehome owner
responsible for your clients, we will offer you tailored transport solutions to meet your requirements.

We can deliver anywhere in the UK and offer competitive daily, weekend, weekly and monthly
rental packages to suit your needs.

Tel : 0800 9160015


Brain Injuries 

Direct link to medical information on neuron injuries

British Red Cross (Disablity)

British Red Cross is a volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis,
whoever and wherever they are.

British Red Cross (Therapeutic Care)

The British Red Cross offers Therapeutic care service that helps individuals in stressful situations and times of personal crisis by promoting a sense of well-being and relaxation through gentle massage. We also offer the opportunity for people to talk to someone to receive advice and support in relations to learning to deal with and adjusting to a disability.

British Stammering Association

BSA makes a real difference. Services for adults include contact with other people who stammer,
social and support groups, information on employment issues, self-help and therapy, and the postal
lending library. We do as much as we can to enable adults of all backgrounds and ages to get the
most out of life in a world that takes fluent speech for granted.


Cancer Support ( Macmillan )

Cancerbackup merged with Macmillan Cancer Support in April 2008.
We provide the same high quality, expertly developed information about cancer,and now we can make it available to everyone who needs it.
Our vision is for all people affected by cancer to have the information they want.

Capability Scotland

Capability Scotland is one of the leading Scottish disability organisations and has nearly 60 years experience of providing services to
disabled people of all ages in Scotland.

Carers Scotland

The Carers National Association is committed to representing all carers, whatever their situation. Carers Scotland provide a wealth of information for carers (including information about benefits and rights), and for their employers and offer a support network of other organisations and professionals. They also campaign at all levels of society and government to raise awareness of the needs of carers and publish a bi-monthly magazine for members.

Child Bereavement Charity

Grief in its many forms is one of the most painful experiences that anyone can suffer. Every year thousands of families experience the grief of losing a baby, child, mother, father, brother or sister. We believe families deserve the best emotional care in such a crisis

Counsellors in Moray

The purpose of the site is ultimately to provide the UK with a huge counselling support network, enabling those in distress to find a counsellor close to them and appropriate for their needs. This is a free, confidential service that will hopefully encourage those in distress to seek help. The website also contains a number of sections on emotional disorders (types of distress section) and provides some useful statistics. Every counsellor on the site who has submitted their profile has either sent a copy of their qualifications and insurance cover to us, or is registered with a professional body online with recognised codes of ethics and practice, this way we can be assured of their professionalism.

Crohn's disease

Crohn's disease affects about 1 in 1500 people, mostly adults. Slightly more women are affected than men. It is not an infectious illness

Cruse Bereavement Care

Exists to promote the well-being of bereaved people and to enable anyone bereaved by death to understand their grief and cope with their loss.

The organisation provides counselling and support. It offers information, advice, education and training services.

Cushing's Syndrome

Cushing's syndrome is a hormonal disorder caused by prolonged exposure of the body's tissues to high levels of the hormone cortisol. Sometimes called "hypercortisolism," it is relatively rare and most commonly affects adults aged 20 to 50. An estimated 10 to 15 of every million people are affected each year.

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Department of Works and Pensions

The Department for Work and Pensions is here to promote opportunity and independence for all. Supportting  people to achieve their potential through employment, helping more people into work and supporting those who can't work. More info at Welfare Reform.

The Department for Work and Pensions is also working to improve rights and opportunities for disabled people.
The Office for Disability Issues is the focal point within government to coordinate disability policy across all departments.

Disability Living Allowance Tel 08457 123 456

Diabetes UK Scotland

Diabetes UK is the new name of the British Diabetic Association - the leading charity working for people with diabetes, funding research; campaigning and helping people live with the condition. Our mission is to improve the lives of people with diabetes and to work towards a future without diabetes.

Disabled Workers Co-operative

The Disabled Workers Co-operative is a registered charity that helps disabled people to help themselves. Our aim is twofold - to raise the independence of disabled people (for those that want it) by enabling them to take an active role in the economy and achieve a greater sense of
self-worth and also to raise awareness of the contribution that disabled people can make to society

Disability Discrimination Act

If you are disabled, or have had a disability, the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) makes it unlawful for you to be discriminated against in:

Employment - Access to goods - facilities and services  - Management, buying or renting of land or property - Education

Disabled persons housing services (DHPSs)

Offer advice and information for disabled people on a wide range of housing issues, including housing options, accessing housing and independent living. Click on the link for your area in Scotland.

DPHS Aberdeen City...............................DPHS Aberdeenshire..............................DPHS Fife

DPHS Glasgow.........................................

Disability Snowsport UK

Enabling those with a disability to ski alongside the able bodied as equals at all ski facilities and resorts

Disablement Income Group Scotland

The Disablement Income Group Scotland is a small national charity providing free information and advice to disabled people and carers in Scotland on the subject of welfare benefits. This includes: A full benefits check - Assistance with claim forms.
Benefits awareness talks to groups of disabled people, carers and other professionals.

Disabled Vehicles

Disabled Vehicles website allows people to get information of a company who can provide them with prices and availability of disbaled vehicles.

If you are looking for a new or used disbaled vehicle then look no further, use this website to gain more information about the types that are available
to buy or hire, whether it be a car, van or mini bus. To receive more information from a local specialist in the your area of the UK, including costing a a free home demonstration then complete the secure online form.


Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder. It causes involuntary muscle contractions which lead the affected parts of the body to develop
abnormal movements or postures, with or without tremor.
It is a neurological disorder that affects movement, but does not lead to problems with other functions of the brain such as intellect.

Down's Syndrome 

Down's Syndrome Scotland aims to improve the quality of life for everyone in Scotland with Down's syndrome Define Down's syndrome . If you are looking for information or help, this site is a good place to start.

Dyslexia Scotland

Dyslexia literally means 'difficulty with words' (from the Greek dys, meaning difficulty and lexis, meaning word).


People who have Dyspraxia often find the routine tasks of daily life such as driving , household chores, cooking and grooming difficult. They can also find coping at work is hard 

ENABLE Scotland

ENABLE Scotland helps people by campaigning, providing services, supporting people to do things in new and innovative ways, and by helping children, young people and adults to have a say in the decisions which affect them.


The Society’s stated aim is to improve the quality of life of all people affected directly and indirectly by encephalitis.            

Epilepsy Scotland

Epilepsy can affect anyone at anytime. Nearly 40,000 people in Scotland are affected by the condition and Epilepsy Scotland is here to help.


Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes fatigue, pain in the muscles and ligaments (the bands of tissue that connect bone to bone),
and tender areas in certain points of the body. For more info click here

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities works to promote the rights, quality of life and opportunities of people with learning disabilities and their families. We do this by working with people with learning disabilities, their families and the people who support them.
We carry out research, promote the rights of people with learning disabilities, improve services and spread knowledge and information.

Fragile x

We are the UK registered charity providing support, information and friendship to families whose children and relatives have fragile X syndrome.We are also here to help the many professionals who are working and caring for children and adults affected by fragile X.

Hodgkin Disease

Hodgkin lymphoma, like other cancers, is a disease of the body's cells. Cells in different parts of the body work in different ways, but they all repair and reproduce themselves in the same way.

Holidays For All

Disability organisations working together to promote quality, accessible holiday breaks where all of the holiday places are disabled friendly

Holidays in France

Carl and Jacqui Alban welcome you to I Need A Holiday Too, the new concept in wheelchair accessible breaks enabling the disabled traveller to holiday in France in style and comfort

Huntington’s disease

The Scottish Huntington’s Association (SHA) is a small Scottish Charity that was established by families living with Huntington’s disease. Family members who provide information and peer support run the SHA supported networks. The groups help people in practical ways by providing welfare grants and provide fun social opportunities through fundraising. There are currently nine specialist HD services in Scotland; Highland, Grampian, Tayside, Angus, Fife, Lothian, Lanarkshire, Glasgow and Ayrshire.

Hypertension High Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure is one of several 'risk factors' that can increase your chance of developing heart disease, a stroke, and other serious conditions. As a rule, the higher the blood pressure, the greater the risk. Treatment includes a change in lifestyle risk factors where these can be improved - losing weight if you are overweight, regular physical activity, a healthy diet, cutting back if you drink a lot of alcohol, stopping smoking, and a low salt intake. If needed, medication can lower blood pressure.



Inclusion Scotland

Inclusion Scotland (IS) is a consortium of organisations of disabled people and disabled individuals. Through a process of structured development we aim to draw attention to the physical, social, economic, cultural and attitudinal barriers that affect our everyday lives as disabled people in Scotland. We aim to encourage a wide understanding of those issues throughout mainstream thought in Scotland. In short, we want to reverse the current social exclusion experienced by disabled people through civil dialogue, partnerships, capacity building, education, persuasion, training and advocacy.


Labyrinthitis and vestibular neuritis are disorders resulting from an infection that inflames the inner ear or the vestibulo-cochlear nerve (the eighth cranial nerve), which connects the inner ear to the brain. Vertigo, dizziness, and difficulties with balance, vision, or hearing may result.

Lead Scotland

Lead Scotland, Linking Education and Disability, is a voluntary organisation set up to support disabled young people and adults and carers to access post-school education

Learning Disability Coalition

A learning disability affects someone's intellectual and social development throughout his or her life. 1.5 million people in the UK have a learning disability, so it's one of the most common forms of disability in the UK but also one of the least understood. A learning disability does not stop someone from learning and achieving a lot in life, if they get the right support.

Leonard Cheshire Disability

Leonard Cheshire exists to change attitudes to disability and to serve disabled people around the world. It has been supporting disabled people for almost 60 years and is active in 55 countries. The charity directly supports over 21,000 disabled people in the UK.


Leonard Cheshire Workability Elgin Branch

Unit 15 Elgin Business Centre ,Maisondieu Road, Elgin

(situated in the old railway station Elgin)

John Sutherland 

Tel  01343 569 358 (Vc/Fax)


Living Streets - Revitalising neighbourhoods, reconnecting people

Living Streets works on practical projects to create safe, vibrant and healthy streets for all.
We are the Scottish arm of the national charity Living Streets. Our members are people from all parts of Scotland who campaign for streets that are better for walking and better for living in.

We believe that a range of local facilities, which people can easily reach on foot, helps to create safer, more sociable neighbourhoods, and encourages us all to adopt a healthier lifestyle by walking.

Lyme disease

The bacteria have been found in mosquitos and other biting insects as well as ticks, they are also found in breast milk and sexual secretions and many doctors working with Lyme patients are concerned that this means spreading can occur via pregnancy, breast feeding and sex too. Many ME/CFS patients have had positive microscopy showing borrelia. The bacteria has been found in Alzheimer autopsies apparently and various other disease conditions too.
In fact there are a number of scientists and doctors that believe and have evidence for a whole host of conditions being caused by borrelia and other bacteria that act in ways different to the run of the mill bugs we all get from time to time.
The rash isn't present a huge percentage of people and the NHS tests are only about a third accurate. although there is massive argument on this.

Information from a sufferer of Lyme's Disease :My own test was negative but under a microscope my blood was identified with three different bacterial forms one being the distinct borrelia spirochete.


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Marfan syndrome

The syndrome is an inherited disorder of the body's connective tissue, which affects the heart, eyes and skeleton in handicapping, painful and even mortal ways.
Those affected suffer from one or more of the following problems:

  • Eyes - dislocation of lenses, short-sightedness, retinal detachment, glaucoma
  • Skeleton - excessive height with long limbs and fingers, flat feet, protruding or indented chest bone, loose joints, scoliosis, early osteoarthritis
  • Heart - ballooning and potentially fatal tearing of the aorta, backward billowing of the heart's valves

ME - Muscular Dystrophies

ME can and does affect all age ranges, from the very young to the elderly. The peak age tends to be between 20 and 40 and the incidence seems higher amongst those in stressful occupations.

ME, or Chronic Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, is primarily a brain disorder which typically occurs in a vulnerable individual, often at a time of stress, as a consequence of a viral or recurrent viral infection


Mencap is the UK's leading learning disability charity working with people with a learning disability and their families and carers

Mental Health

The Mental Health Foundation exists to help people survive, recover from and prevent mental health problems.

Multiiple Sclerosis

The MS Society is the UK's Largest charity for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis - 85,000 people in the UK

Muscular Dystrophies

The muscular dystrophies are a group of over 20 hereditary muscle disorders in which slow,
progressive muscle wasting occurs, leading to increasing weakness and disability.

Myocardium / Myocarditis

The myocardium is the muscular layer within the heart wall, which contracts to pump blood from the heart. Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle. A viral or bacterial infection, rheumatic fever,
or a toxic reaction to a drug may cause the inflammation. Viral infections are believed to be the commonest cause of myocarditis but other causes have included hypersensitivity to certain
drugs such as tetracycline or exposure to certain chemicals. In many cases, the cause is not known.


Full A to Z index of NHS Direct

Parkinson's Disease Society

The Parkinson's Disease Society is the leading charity dedicated to supporting all people with Parkinson's, their families, friends and carers.

Royal Blind Society

The object of the Royal Blind Society today – as for the last 140 years – is the relief of people who are blind or partially sighted and in charitable need. It fulfils this objective by giving cash grants to provide essential support for those on low incomes and by providing a range of holidays and leisure opportunities


Offers a unique reference point on staying mobile and using mobility equipment in retirement.
Mobility becomes an issue for us all as we age, impacting some more than others. Whatever your level, you will find lots of advice on this site.
Our concern was that there was no single UK resource for interesting features and practical advice on this subject.
Professional journalists and experts - who have a particular interest, or a background in this area, write our features and articles.

R.N.I.B -Royal National Institute of the Blind

Is a leading charity working with blind and partially sighted people in Scotland.  We are dedicated to delivering services our members need and campaigning for their civil and welfare rights. We support children and adults with sight loss to live full and independent lives.

Royal National Institute for the Deaf 

We provide information, advice support relating to people who are deaf and hard of hearing and supply disability awareness training, and access audit services for organisations who are concerned about their staff and customers.


Samaritans provides confidential non-judgemental support, 24 hours a day, for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair. Volunteers offer support by responding to phone calls, emails and letters. Alternatively people can drop in to a branch to have a face to face meeting.  Across the UK you can call Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90 for the price of a local call.

Scottish Autism

Scottish Autism is an organisation dedicated to enriching the lives of people with autism.

Established in 1968 by a group of parents, we are now the largest provider of autism-specific services in Scotland and a leading authority and advocate for good autism practice.

We exist to help those diagnosed with autism to lead full and enriched lives and become valuable members of the community they live in.

We also seek to share our knowledge and expertise with parents, carers and other professionals in order to support the development of skills and strategies needed to provide the best care and support for people with autism.

Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS)– a national umbrella body that provides essential Services that is independent and provides free, confidential and impartial advice to everybody regardless of race, sex, age, disability or sexuality.

Scottish Spina Bifida Association

The Scottish Spina Bifida Association is the only organization in Scotland which directly helps children, adults, their families and carers affected
by spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus. We provide information, advice and support on a wide range of issues affecting those with these conditions.
We also run support groups, offer health checks and organize events at our fully accessible Centre in Cumbernauld.

Tel: lo-call number 0845 11 11 12

Sense Scotland

People who are deafblind, or who have sensory impairment and other difficulties, can need special help with communication, information, learning and mobility. We are committed to working to our core values and working principles. Derived from families, these enshrine the organisation's ethos and guide the actions of all staff.

SHARE Scotland

SHARE Scotland, a parent-led charity providing highly individualized support to people with disabilities for more than 25 years.

SHINE- Spina bifida,Hydrocephalus,Information,Networking,Equality

SHINE Helpline can be called on 0845 450 7755 Monday –to Friday at local call rates.

Signed Language

A unique reference point on sign language and communication basics.
Sign Language Basics gives you all the basic signs for everyday life, topics and questions as well as other forms of communication for and with deaf people.

Spinal Injuries Scotland

FREE HELP LINE  0800 0132 305

Spinal Injuries Scotland is the national voluntary organisation concerned with new and long-term spinal cord injured people, their relatives and friends, along with those involved in the management, care and rehabilitation of the injury.

Stairlift Advisor is an independent website site aimed at helping you make an informed decision when considering purchasing a stair lift. With many years experience in the stair lift industry, we know how important it is to receive accurate, easy to understand and impartial advice.

Terrence Higgins Trust

We are an independent charity, rooted in the communities we serve. We use our insight to innovate and inspire change in policies, services and minds. We support, respect and value each other and work without prejudice. We are radical professionals, proud of our diversity, and united by a common cause.

The Stroke Association - help line on 0845 3033 100

The Stroke Association's main focus is to prevent strokes and to give support to people who have had a stroke and their families through our information and community services.

Turner Syndrome

The Turner Syndrome Support Society (TSSS) has put together this information for the benefit of women with Turner Syndrome(TS), their GPs and other health professionals involved in their care. Not all may be aware that there are specialist TS clinics available to them or of the required specific specialist care.



UPDATE is Scotland's National Disability Information Service. We provide a comprehensive membership package of disability information,
resources and other supporting services to enable any type of organisation to provide reliable,relevant and up-to-date disability information to their clients. We also provide a general disability information and signposting service to members of the public on our Helpline number 0131 669 1600.


A charity that is all about giving disabled children the chance to lead a more independent life. Our service meets their individual mobility needs and ensures they get the right mobility equipment, advice and training at the right time.

We are virtually 100% reliant on voluntary funds raised through events, trusts, companies and individuals. We need your support to raise more money so that more young people can lead an active childhood.


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